The Thakar Adivasi Kala Angan(4.3km) is the first Museum of Thakar traditional folk arts, crafts and forms of dance drama in India, which is situated in ancestral village of Pinguli in South Maharashtra. Shri.Parshuram V.Gangavane director, Awarded the “Maharashtra State Govt. Award-2009” For Preserving the traditional Thakar folk art locally and perform it nationally from last 35 years. It conducts conservation of original art materials and promotion of this beautiful range of folk art.
A Historic Place. A Huge well with provision of steps so that Horses could go down to Drink water.A Horse is called "GHODA" in marathi language hence the name. This well has ample water even in summer. It is more than 500 years old
It is situated on Malvan-Kudal Road. It is favourite of tourists for the greenery, bird watching, incessant water supply and tent houses. It was constructed around 1530 AD by the Mandlik named Nagesh Desai of the Vijaynagar Kingdom. It covers an area of 5 acres. I tried going for a morning run around its perimeters, and after a point the lake meanders so deep into the forest that the trails become narrow and one is surrounded by tall grass.
Sawantwadi Palace royal palace was earlier located on Narendra hill. Khemsawant III constructed the existing palace in late 18th century (1755–1803) The ruling family has been supporting the local artisans in a big way. The ‘Ganjifa Art’, ‘lacer work’, ‘woodwork painting’ date back to 18th century. In the palace, training sessions and workshops are conducted for new generation of artisans. This has been a major attraction for Domestic as well as foreign tourists.
This Kalavi beach serves various marvelous water sport fun deeds. Travelers can enjoy some outdoor recreational activities such as snorkeling, swimming, diving, surfing and parasailing. Even boating and fishing can be enjoyed by the visitors. There is a twin rock half submerged in the sea near this hillock which gives an added attraction.
Situated at an altitude of 2600 ft. above sea level Rangnagad is a trekker’s delight. This fort is among the fifteen forts built during the Shilahar Bhoj’s regime. Shivaji captured Rangnagad in 1659 and made the fort his favorite resting place. Fresh Water Lake and Rangnadevi Temple inside the fort are scenic splendors.
Bagayat Beach, VengurlaFeatures Bagayat Beach is located in Vengurla on the western coastline of the Sindhudurg district. It is preferred Destination by Travelers for Holidays Travel. Visit Bagayat Beach Now for fun
Nivati Beach - Offers peace and serenity to independent travelers. Fishermen seen launching their traditional boats and nets daily into the sea is an interesting feature to watch on this beach. Adjoining the beach is a twin village Kochara which offers wonderful view of small tropical oasis on Nivti shore
Sindhudurg was built with the help of huge rocks on the ‘Kurte' island, which amazes people, and one appreciates the vision and foresight of Shivaji.. History: In 1664-67 AD, Shivaji erected this fort on 48 acres of island. Shivaji Maharaj personally selected this site, a rocky island, Kurte.
The Ganapati temple of Redi is located approximately 30 km from Vengurla, in the small villiage of Redi. The town in which this temple is situated contains manganese mines and the Ganpati idol was found in one of the mines near Rewati port in 1976. The Ganpati idol is in a sitting position and approximately 15 meters in height. There is a small rocky beach behind the temple.